Blood dripped off the blade in my hand. Brad lay on the bed, clutching his chest, his blood oozing through his fingers. The soft hush of falling rain is all that’s heard in the background.

And that’s how I ended this weekend. The film is now completely shot. I still have to go into one of the computer labs on campus to record my voice overs for it, but other than that, the only thing between now and showing the completed film is a spring break and Benjamin Kantor editing the heck out of it. A final title wouldn’t hurt either.

My color theory class is actually becoming quite enjoyable, what with my midnight sojourns into the lab… quite zen. Really. I especially enjoy the fact that I have gotten perfect scores on my last two projects. Most people have had to change at least one of their swatches after grading, but nope. I think I’m learning quite a bit.

Today I found out about the final project (finally). It turns out it’ll actually be kind of creative. No more color swatches after this project, which is fine with me.

Colin’s brother will be playing some shows here in SLO this week. He’s formerly of Jason and Jane, the remarkable duo from my hometown San Diego, and he now goes under the name J-Turtle… Anyhow, here’s the info Colin e-mailed to me about the shows:

Wed. @600 PM 2/25

Thurs 2/26
FARMERS MARKET …hopefully it won’t rain

Friday @830 PM 2/27

and WED @530 PM 3/3

If you are interested in hearing what J-Turtle sounds like, try his site: He’s very good. Addictive music.

Now back to watching the Dream Theater dvd that Anthony let me borrow. Devon would be proud.