Grandma called me Wednesday, around 11 am, as I was having lunch. I guess she and Grandpa are moving to Arkansas on Sunday. The big surprise here is not that they’re moving to Arkansas, but rather that they’re moving a month or two before I thought they would.

So, today I’m on my way to San Diego. I’ve heard there’s been some heavy rain lately in both LA and SD, but I should be used to it, after the three-day tantrum the weather decided to pull up here. It should be fun, though a bit emotionally draining. It’ll be the last time I see them until maybe two years from now.

Unfortunately, since I found out this news on Wednesday, I really haven’t seen my roommates much. I’ve been running around trying to finish my fourth Art project of the quarter as well as all the voice-over work for the film.

As for the film, I feel I’ve been quite the whiny, pathetic, annoying actor to my friends who are running it. More specifically to Ben Kantor, mainly because I once told him that by changing his script to how it currently is, it became “A piece of crap” and that “You’re destroying art, you know that?” Since then, my opinion of the work has changed, and even if the script could have used a bit more work, I really think the acting and the cinematography has been over the top. Besides, it was a hell of a lot of fun to shoot this film.

To Matt, in case I don’t see him before I leave: Sorry, but I’ll be leaving today for San Diego. I won’t be able to go to J-Turtle’s performance with you tonight, but we can try to make it to next week’s show at New Fronteirs.

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