Can I be this cool? CAN I?!?!? Admittedly, no.

So, then the powder crunched under the ski. “ICE!” I heard my brother scream in my mind, a warning from five minutes prior, as I did just as he and Chiara told me… I dug in harder with my lower foot. As if the ice were finally vanquished, the crunching went much quieter, as I pivoted around and went further down the slope…

And the day has ended. Still no snow fall. But all snow is real, even if it is man-made. All snow, when heated by the sun and frozen again, will create ice. And most snow will create enjoyment for those who know nothing of it. Like me.

I’ve been getting way too many good Christmas presents. I don’t deserve them.

What sorcery within a night has made a city street into a fairy glade?

The earth itself has slept, as it were its first, not its last sleep, save when some street-sign or wood-house door has faintly creaked upon its hinge, cheering forlorn nature at her midnight work,–the only sound awake twixt Venus and Mars,–advertising us of a remote inward warmth, a divine cheer and fellowship, where gods are met together, but where it is very bleak for men to stand. But while the earth has slumbered, all the air has been alive with feathery flakes descending, as if some northern Ceres reigned, showering her silvery grain over all the fields.

Henry David Thoreau, “A Winter Walk”

My, how things happen. In a recent email, my friend Becca was lamenting leaving her studies in Belize to come back to San Diego, and all of the busyness that’s associated with it. I know what she means. This is a busy season, it always is, and life typically happens with very little warning.

Take, for example, where I am now. I called my brother this morning to see how he was doing, and if he wanted to hang out sometime this week, and now, I’m over, spending the night, preparing to go to Big Bear with he and his wife tomorrow night.

I hear it might snow.

I have only seen the snow twice. The first time was for an hour driving around Julian several years ago. It was a bright sunny day, and we got out of the van just long enough for my sister, my grandparents and I to throw a few snowballs at each other and then leave. The second time was at my brother’s “bachelor party,” which we spent paintballing, with the rain falling amongst us and snow shining along the tips of the peaks around.

However, I’ve never seen it fall. I’m hoping to in the next couple of days.

Last night, I got to spend some time in Denny’s with two friends whom I hadn’t seen since sixth grade… eight years. Eight years for changes, and eight years for many things to stay the same. It’s remarkable how much one can remember about those days, about the friends and the fights, about the dynamic of people who could very easily be strangers to one another now, but don’t feel at all that way.

It got me thinking: I’m very lucky to be at where I am in life. I’m not saying that other people are unlucky, or any such nonsense as that. I just find it hard to think sometimes that there was a time that I had no clue whether or not I’d be going to college. I swore into the Army my senior year because of this uncertainty. Heck, there is that crazy few moments (that sometimes last weeks) in which I don’t know if I’m going to get enough financial aid for the next year.

And so, what I think I’m trying to say is, I never want to be a snobby “college guy”. I never want to look down my nose at people who weren’t as lucky as I was. I never want to do that, and think the next time I see somebody else do it, I’m going to seriously consider punching them.

Things have been happening in a very timely fashion. It seems that as soon as one need is needed to be addressed, there is a solution for it. He provides. I guess that’s the only suitable explanation.

And now, I need plenty of rest. And now, it is vacation.


One of my favorite bands, The Postal Service, received a cease-and-desist letter from the USPS? What the HECK?!?!?!

Maybe the USPS just doesn’t like good music. Jerks.

In other news, I’ve only got one final to go. Things got hectic with yesterday’s art project, but I can almost guarantee now that things are ok. Almost.

perhaps when the thousand cities
of present day earth
and the gifts of today’s greatest
have been forgotten-

perhaps when all the gravestones have been tallied
of all the heroes
never mentioned in history-

perhaps when the atom finally,
in its infinite exhaustion after
the infinite energy,
gets too tired to spin anymore
and decides that being dust
is a much better way to spend it’s time-

perhaps then, i will be able to rest.

Wednesdays this quarter have been intense… that’s no mystery, I’ve complained about that since the beginning. Today, the last Wednesday of the quarter, was the most intense of them all, and I felt really good until I was done.

This morning was my Art 131 final. The test was okay, however there were a few short-answer questions that I knew even if I read everything I was supposed to, I wouldn’t have recalled the answers. Usually I feel better about completing a test, but since I have a bunch of stuff due for it on Tuesday (such as my final grid project and my project book detailing everything I’ve done this quarter) I really don’t feel like it’s done.

So the day went on. I finished my submission for the Open House poster competition, which, once I mount it on mat board and cut it down to size, will be my final project for my Typography class. It turned out tremendously well with the high quality printing, looking almost completely different than the lower quality proofs I had printed out initially.

And then there came my Marketing presentation. One at a time, each member of the class had to try to sell to our teacher, Ken, the product we had been developing the first half of the quarter. It would have been much easier if he hadn’t been assuming different roles of very difficult people to deal with. He was funny, as always, but he could have been a bit easier on us poor troubled GrC students.

I got through it, and now, my stomach feels a little bad, as if I’m nauseous… I think it’s just me coming down from having so much energy throughout this really long day… if that makes any sense at all.

Next week is finals. Now to get ready for that.