AHHHH! PDF’s can embed fonts in any document, making the fonts appear right on any computer!!! Even if you don’t already have the font installed!!! I never knew this!

Geez, I’m a nerd.

Last night was amazing.

A true Halloween at a Five Iron Frenzy show. My first, and last, for FIF are breaking up in a month. It was remarkable… in order to play a good number of the songs that they knew we wanted to hear, they did a few medleys of their songs. They would play a few choruses of songs in a row

What was the most awesome, though, was that Reese (the lead singer) climbed onto stage in a Wolverine suit, complete with adamantium claws and all (for those of you who care, it was the movie style costume, with mostly black and lines of red in an X on his chest, rather than the blue and yellow from the comics. Like I said, freaking awesome).

FIF are tremendously genius. I never quite understood that in it’s entirety before, until last night, when we were listening to (almost) all of their albums in the car heading to Castro Valley. There’s no way that you could make a greatest hits album for them, because you’d need six or seven discs to pull it off, because there aren’t too many songs they’ve made that I wouldn’t listen to.

I splurged at the merch table. I didn’t have a copy yet of one of their best albums “All the Hype that Money Can Buy”, nor their final album “The End is Near” yet, so I had to get them. Add a t-shirt and a couple posters and it was a… well-spent forty or so dollars.

Ska is not dead. At least, it shouldn’t be.


In other music news, Skillet is releasing their new album soon, called Collide. It’s a very new direction for the band, from the clips I’ve heard on their website, but it sounds good.

It seems like they’re stepping a bit away from their electronica/techno/industrial roots quite a bit, and delivering a very late-80’s metal meets 3 Doors Down type of sound.

But it seems good. Really. Take a listen to their single, “Savior”, on their website. Do it. Let me know what you think.