Michael Heilemann, in this article, speaks to my heart when I read his rants about the Matrix:

When I see the complete picture of everything that The Matrix currently encompasses I see a fantastic canvas of modern science-fiction. And I wish I could show that canvas to the people who don’t appreciate it in the same way that I do. I wish I could make you see; make you appreciate what this is, what significance this has. But that’s like explaining the punch line of an in-joke; it’ll destroy the intention….

The Matrix franchise was never a series that aimed for the general public. Magically it managed to become a raging success and that led people to believe that this was a movie for them. Well it wasn’t. It’s for us. It’s for the people who love the poses, the movements, the references and all that other stuff that the general public fails to notice anyway. It’s for the people who bothered to watch the Animatrix from beginning till end. It’s for the people who see the canvas, the people who dreamed a dream when they were kids and the people who wear their geeks on their collar.

In the comments for that article, I loved this line:

(To the naysayers:) Here’s the reality of it all. It’s a story. And except for two people on this planet, YOU DIDN’T WRITE IT. Do you still want to pass judgement? Then go write a better story that has the ending you want, the plot you want, and the twists your mind can grasp.

Hell yes.