Sorry I haven’t updated in a while… this weekend is the busy. I’ve been working on a 16 piece art project due Monday. Basically, it’s 16 different 6-1/2 x 4-3/4 inch pieces, and I’m sure Chuck will want everyone to be a visual masterpiece. And so, I’m 11 pieces into it. That’s great because tomorrow Sarah and I go to the Huntington Art Museum and Gardens for a field trip with her major. So… I’ll have a small bit of work to do when I get home tomorrow evening, but much less than I was afraid I’d have to do.

Lately, my Cal Poly email inbox has gotten inundated with this email virus, and the text of the email is simply ridiculous. Here it is, for your pleasure:

Hello Dear!,

Finally i’ve found possibility to right u, my lovely girl 🙂
All our photos which i’ve made at the beach (even when u’re without ur
photos are great! This evening i’ll come and we’ll make the best SEX 🙂

Right now enjoy the photos.
Kiss, James.

Great. I’ve always wanted someone to write to me as a lovely girl. Although, I don’t remember being around James without my “bh.”