Tuesday afternoon, I walk into Ken Macro’s GrC 361 class, and Annie isn’t there. I usually sit right behind her, chat about nothing with her, joke about Ken’s bad jokes, look over her shoulder at her iBook she brings to class… and she’s not there.

After a moment, Ken starts the class with the phrase “I’m afraid there’s been an accident,” and right then, I knew.

Anastasia Quinn passed away this last weekend in a car accident on the 580 freeway. She was rear-ended, sending her car flying across three lanes and was hit again by a speeding Ford Ranger. She was on her way back to San Luis from her parents’ ranch.

It seemed like I was going to cry at the beginning of that class. And, as Ken talked about it, it seemed he was too.

I’ve had a few classes with Annie since I started my GrC stint. In fact, when I had my first quarter in GrC classes, when I was still an Aero, I talked with her a few times about my decision to change. She was in similar circumstances; she was switching from Architecture that quarter….

I can’t really explain what kind of person she was. She seemed to always have a smile on her face. It kind of reminds me of what Andrea said about Michael Kado after he had passed a month ago: she said it seemd he had never had any drama with anyone. That he was always a soothing presence in any situation. And I feel that’s how Annie was too. I hope we lose no more of those kind of people, especially so young.

I couldn’t imagine what her parents feel. What her fiance feels. I can barely understand how I feel.

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  1. This is SUPER old, but – I was looking up Annie and I came across your blog post from several years ago. This is her fiance, and I’ve just got to say (several years too late) that it still makes me cry to hear her described as you did. Bravo. You were absolutely right.

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