I’m starting to dislike Yahoo!Mail… my premier mail service of choice over the last few years.

As you have probably noticed, I have been away from a computer for several days now. I’ve been at Sarah’s Uncle Doctor Bob’s house (or is that Sarah’s Uncle Bob, PhD.’s house?) and have been entertained and entertaining Sarah’s parents, cousins, uncles and aunts, brother, and extended family. It’s been quite a curious weekend.

As as you may know, through generosity nearly impossible through the human spirit, Kerry gave me a car. It’s a four door ’92 Ford Taurus sedan, and his name is Meister. The story behind that name is not very interesting, but it’s a fun name, so accept it.

And so, after having a great time riding down to San Diego with Sarah’s Uncle Ken and Aunt Sue, then having lunch with Kerry, receiving the car, setting up a decent insurance policy, and seeing my parents for a little less than an hour, I decided to embark back up to the coast to San Luis. But I stopped along the way in Torrance, at my Uncle Bill’s and Aunt Val’s house, and I decided to stay here tonight… just to be safe. I’m not sure if I’m more tired than I feel, but I can almost guarantee that I am.

Which brings me to why I am currently in anti-Yahoo!Mail mode… Since I’ve been out of the running, I’ve racked up a whopping 512 spam e-mails, pushing me 12% over my mailbox limit, and every time I try to click on “Empty Bulk Mail Folder”, the site crashes. It’s happened on three computers so far, on completely different internet connections… And it’s also meant that I haven’t been able to check my Inbox, in case anyone sent me anything important.

But I have a lot to be thankful for, and thankfully another day to resolve the problems with my email before I jump into the two most hectic weeks of the quarter, the two last weeks of the quarter.

I have so much to be thankful for.

And it got colder today.

I found all my old poems. I’m enraptured in how good a poet I used to be. Now, I’m more refined, but back then, I took chances with my work I wouldn’t know how to take now.

“waking down” 10-12-00

Can you fight the darkness?
Will you leap the canyon that
crept to your doorstep at night?

It takes a caffeinated-horizontal-
to embrace the dawn

And you are swept into it
Zillions of DJ, AC, CD, leave me be
scream into you along with

The left over sunrise, scrambled and beaten
Xeroxed too many times
from the month before

Counterfeit negatives of transparent eyelids
Can’t stop the approaching cubicle
In the morning sun, you dive into a pool of paperwork

Tuesday afternoon, I walk into Ken Macro’s GrC 361 class, and Annie isn’t there. I usually sit right behind her, chat about nothing with her, joke about Ken’s bad jokes, look over her shoulder at her iBook she brings to class… and she’s not there.

After a moment, Ken starts the class with the phrase “I’m afraid there’s been an accident,” and right then, I knew.

Anastasia Quinn passed away this last weekend in a car accident on the 580 freeway. She was rear-ended, sending her car flying across three lanes and was hit again by a speeding Ford Ranger. She was on her way back to San Luis from her parents’ ranch.

It seemed like I was going to cry at the beginning of that class. And, as Ken talked about it, it seemed he was too.

I’ve had a few classes with Annie since I started my GrC stint. In fact, when I had my first quarter in GrC classes, when I was still an Aero, I talked with her a few times about my decision to change. She was in similar circumstances; she was switching from Architecture that quarter….

I can’t really explain what kind of person she was. She seemed to always have a smile on her face. It kind of reminds me of what Andrea said about Michael Kado after he had passed a month ago: she said it seemd he had never had any drama with anyone. That he was always a soothing presence in any situation. And I feel that’s how Annie was too. I hope we lose no more of those kind of people, especially so young.

I couldn’t imagine what her parents feel. What her fiance feels. I can barely understand how I feel.

So, the last post turned this blog into a PG-13 blog. How super.

I ended up staying up until 6:30 am this morning working on my art project.

Maybe I should talk about it more later, when I have the energy to make it sound melodramatic. Cause that’s what I excel at, making the ordinary sound melodramatic.

Sorry I haven’t updated in a while… this weekend is the busy. I’ve been working on a 16 piece art project due Monday. Basically, it’s 16 different 6-1/2 x 4-3/4 inch pieces, and I’m sure Chuck will want everyone to be a visual masterpiece. And so, I’m 11 pieces into it. That’s great because tomorrow Sarah and I go to the Huntington Art Museum and Gardens for a field trip with her major. So… I’ll have a small bit of work to do when I get home tomorrow evening, but much less than I was afraid I’d have to do.

Lately, my Cal Poly email inbox has gotten inundated with this email virus, and the text of the email is simply ridiculous. Here it is, for your pleasure:

Hello Dear!,

Finally i’ve found possibility to right u, my lovely girl 🙂
All our photos which i’ve made at the beach (even when u’re without ur
photos are great! This evening i’ll come and we’ll make the best SEX 🙂

Right now enjoy the photos.
Kiss, James.

Great. I’ve always wanted someone to write to me as a lovely girl. Although, I don’t remember being around James without my “bh.”

Oftentimes, I walk up to people who I know, but can’t remember their names. “Hey, it’s been a while!” I say ecstatically, and they kind of look confused for a second, then with a look of sudden understanding, they say “Yeah, it has! How are you?” And thus the conversation is started.

Recently, I’ve begun wondering just how many people I’ve been talking to happen to not be people I know. You know, just people I start randomly talking to that look like people whose names I can’t remember.

Let’s hope I’m not caught one of these days with a “Shoot, man, I don’t know you, fool” type of person.

Because that would really suck.

Michael Heilemann, in this article, speaks to my heart when I read his rants about the Matrix:

When I see the complete picture of everything that The Matrix currently encompasses I see a fantastic canvas of modern science-fiction. And I wish I could show that canvas to the people who don’t appreciate it in the same way that I do. I wish I could make you see; make you appreciate what this is, what significance this has. But that’s like explaining the punch line of an in-joke; it’ll destroy the intention….

The Matrix franchise was never a series that aimed for the general public. Magically it managed to become a raging success and that led people to believe that this was a movie for them. Well it wasn’t. It’s for us. It’s for the people who love the poses, the movements, the references and all that other stuff that the general public fails to notice anyway. It’s for the people who bothered to watch the Animatrix from beginning till end. It’s for the people who see the canvas, the people who dreamed a dream when they were kids and the people who wear their geeks on their collar.

In the comments for that article, I loved this line:

(To the naysayers:) Here’s the reality of it all. It’s a story. And except for two people on this planet, YOU DIDN’T WRITE IT. Do you still want to pass judgement? Then go write a better story that has the ending you want, the plot you want, and the twists your mind can grasp.

Hell yes.

I stayed up wicked late last night… Why?

Because of the latest episode of Enterprise, “Twilight”. Possibly the single best episode of the series yet.

I missed it on Wednesday because I wanted to go to open mic at Linnaea’s, which ended up not happening anyway…

But it was great. I downloaded the episode and started watching it at 3 am this morning.

Basically, half the episode you feel like all of your friends were diagnosed with a terminal illness. I almost wanted to cry.

Ok, now that’s why I’m a nerd. Forget that PDF stuff.