What do pelicans eat?
Anything that fits the bill.

Why were screams coming from the kitchen?
The cook was beating the eggs.

What’s an educated hole in the wall?
A wisecrack.

Yeah, I know… very funny. Right.

Today, I crashed 4 classes, and I got them all.

The final class today, GrC 361, which is a Sales and Marketing class for my major, was quite interesting. Professor Macro (what a name) got lost and went to the wrong building looking for our class, so when he showed up, he was out of breath. I’ve not seen a Professor crack as many light-hearted jokes as this guy. Honestly, I was laughing for half the hour.

So, in the middle of the class, he asks for a volunteer, and I raise my hand. Macro (again, what a name!) throws a highlighter at me and says “sell this to me.”

So, feeling humorous, I begin the exchange.

Me: You need this highlighter.
Macro: Why?
Me: Because this highlighter has the extra feature of being a convenient hat, of course with the extra $50 hat-strap.
Macro: (and I can tell he’s amused by this) Okay, what other features does this have?
Me: Well, if you stare at it hard enough, you could hurt yourself –

And at this point, I break out laughing… and thankfully, so does the rest of the class. Macro later mentions that there is psychiatric help at the Health Center, should I decide to pursue that.

What a day. Maybe you had to be there for that story. But it was still quite a day.

Getting keys stuck in cars is a very embarrassing situation. For once, it wasn’t me who had this happen to them. I was just glad to help out with the transportation to an available key.

So, tomorrow starts the year. My first day of nine a.m. class in a very long time. It’s started at 8 a.m. since last fall quarter.

My internet crapped out on me right before I was able to check where my classes are actually located… and now, since I’m not home, I don’t have anyplace really to write down the information…

What a conundrum.

Today, a mid-day nap was essential.

I don’t know what it is, but for some reason, I’ve been out of energy lately. Maybe I need more Vitamin B. I’ve also heard bananas does the trick.

Or heck, maybe I just need more sleep. Ha.

A free ticket into a heavy metal/ hardcore show at SLO Brew. A friend that knows everyone in the bands. Two ear plugs, for when things get too hardcore.

“You don’t get the full experience at one of these shows,” shouts Keith, “unless you take a lap in the mosh pit. At most hardcore shows I’ve seen, they even have synchronized kung-fu moves… It’s awesome. Just try the pit once. It’s the hardcore experience.”

And so, I leapt into the storm.

Arms and faces were churning up from the depths, like vegetables boiling in a stew, and I dove right in. Ten seconds later, I’m off of my feet, falling backwards, my back hitting the floor-

And flashback to a few hours earlier… the most exhausting day of work I’ve ever had. Four people asking me for help with their homework at the same time, all of them doing reports or other difficult work, with six other children in the lab playing games and making noise. My only thought is how in two days I will be the only lab operator, and this could quickly become the usual amount of work cut out for me…

for the rest of my life.

Flashback to this morning, as I sit in the dentist chair for the first time since I lived in San Diego. No cavities, and a lot of talk of getting a retainer for me… lots of talk of money, and I try not to fidget.

– And just as I hit the floor, reality comes back to me. And in my utter ignorance, I decide the best thing to do is to lie still. At least twenty people trip and fall over me, and arms grab mine, pulling me back to the surface.

With air mine again, and legs and feet nowhere to be seen again, I head out of the pit.

So, today I’m on the bus, and we’re at Cal Poly, and I ask the bus driver “are you going to go to Foothill Plaza next?”

She looks at me very strangely… “do you mean the University Union? Yes.”

“No,” I say, thinking she must have misunderstood me. “Foothill Plaza, you know… where Hollywood Video and University Barber is.” At this point, I’m thinking how could a bus driver not know this town well enough? I mean, everyone I know knows where it is…

“You mean Madonna Plaza? This bus doesn’t go there.”

And so, exasperated, I walk off the bus and walk the two blocks to Foothill Plaza.

Sometimes, I realize that a change of direction is needed. It usually follows a long period of feeling that I can do no wrong. And sometimes it can be a little painful.

But, confident that in time, everything will be fine, I trudge forward.

And although most of you will have no idea what I am talking about, just know that your friend is doing well, and growing up.