One of these mornings...

I want to design a cd cover. I want to design a book cover. I want to design a web site.

I just want to design.

I have about 3 different web site designing jobs coming up. They’re all in a “maybe” stage right now, but… I’m pretty certain I was inspired by something. That’s why I’m in this mood.

I need to release the thirty or so artworks that I have in the works…

No, I need to move. By the end of the week. Crazy times. Hemingway-like sentences.


in front of the world

Have you ever wondered what you would say at a roast? You know, Comedy Central stylee?

Well, they had one at Mr. Lunsford’s retirement party. Lunsy was my English teacher for 10th, 11th, and 12th grades… and here were students coming from classes as far back as class of 1980 up to 2005 throwing jokes around on microphone about the old days in class.

My friend Cris Paul went up, and said a few things about how Lunsy’s super power was the “eyebrow lift of death.” Then he managed to say “I’ve written a rap for this occasion, and I just need a backbeat.” So, I got up onto the “stage” and busted a mad beat with my bad self…

But when I got up, I didn’t feel like making jokes, or rapping, or even reading a poem. I told him how I felt, that many teachers, even though they don’t mean to, they make learning a chore, and that his class never did that to me. That he’s one of a select few people that has touched my life, and that there’s really no way for us to truly say “thank you” to him.

I wasn’t the only one that said stuff like that, but it still felt really good.

Professor Walker told us last week that he would probably be late to class today, and little did we know that he wouldn’t show up at all. It was no problem, though, because I got to sit and talk with a few people… and eventually talk grew around the most important issue of the day.

“Okay,” whispered Shane, in a conspiratorial tone. “Best. Movie. Ever. What is it?”

“Fight Club, no question about it,” says Kristin.

Monique exclaims “Back to the Future.”

I pause. This is a tough question, and I really don’t think about it that often, but suddenly it occurs to me, and when I say it, I know it to be true. “Angus” is my reply.

ANGUS!?!?!? What? Why?

“Well, I was going to say Star Trek 3, but you know… Angus is a great movie. You should see it.” And for some reason, that was the end of that conversation.

san luis – vignettes.

The professor leaned over her podium. “As we end class today,” she croons with her nose in the air, “here are your papers. These were an awfully decent bunch.” My name is called, and an A- awaits on the page, smiling and winking it’s joviality at me.

“The world is all illusion,” my boss says to me over a plate of enchilada’s. “It’s all a trade-off…”

“I know what you mean, there are lies and truths which accompany every walk of life.” What I don’t say is that I feel like I have skirted the edges of each of these walks, and never quite fit. Such is the talk of another day, I quickly think to myself, and take another bite.

“Ben, this is Becky,” Matt beams with affection. “Becky, this is Ben, Sarah, Nichole, Devon and Carolyn.”

Poor girl, I think, she just met us, and already there’s a sea of names to wade through. Like I would, she’ll probably forget all of these names before she leaves here tonight. “It’s a pleasure. Would you care for some ice cream?”

“Today you can go to a gas station and find the cash register open and the toilets locked. They must think toilet paper is worth more than money.”
Joey Bishop

Why does the Postal Service rock so hard?

(because, like other people, i’ve gotta post something about the Postal Service too. So there.)

So, this past week, I’ve accepted quite a few hours at my old job, so I can inflate my sense of economic self-worth. They’re good to me, though I really don’t think they appreciate that I have 3 hours of school and 3 hours at my other job a day in addition to their 3 hour day… But it’s cool. I’ll have some economic self-worth, please.

I destroyed my English midterm today. Two essays, five one-paragraph answers, and a bunch of short statements… and all of them some of the best writing I’ve ever done for an English class.

Where’s the open road and a sunset to ride into when you need them?