i went to bed last night at midnight, but i didn’t get to sleep till about four-thirty. i kept on feeling like there were bugs crawling all over me.

around four, i heard a great buzzing right in front of my face, and i nearly broke my nose trying to swat it away.

adrenaline surged… i turned on my bedside lamp and leapt to my feet in one deft movement. my prey was somewhere close, but i couldn’t see him. all of a sudden, i felt him on the back of my head. my hand flew backwards, and i caught it with superhuman ability.

sitting back down on my bed, with my foe captured between my fingers, i could hear a faint knocking sound coming from in between my hands. the sound of a shell popping. repeating.

i opened my hands and screamed, dropping the monster onto my bed.

it was two centimeters long, all black, with wings and a bottom torso that shifted up and down, producing the knocking sound. i promptly squashed the little bugger, but it was a bug that wouldn’t die!

so, three hours later, as i’m sitting in my botany class, contemplating the idea of passing out in the middle of lab, i tell my botany professor about the bug. botany professors probably have more knowledge about bugs than you would think… his response?

“i’ve never heard of a bug like that before, ben.”

so, great. i discover a new species of bug that has its natural habitat in my bedroom, and i killed it. just freaking great.

The Jealous Sound – Naive | The Jealous Sound – The Gift Horse

today, i’m going to let you in on two new songs from one of my favorite bands. their first full length is coming out in a month or so. i can’t wait. right-click and “save as…” if you wish. believe me, you want to. in case you were wondering, their website is here.

nick just happened to make their song “anxious arms” (their best song) his song of the week. so you can check them out there too.

so there we were,

just walking down the street (singing “doo wa diddy diddy dum diddy doo”… not really), and i was chatting with sarah, telling her about how i don’t think she’d want to continue dating me if i worked at Captain Nemo’s Comic Book shop downtown, just cause then i’d be a little too nerdy for her (subjecting her to star trek notwithstanding). as i was saying this, i looked around, just to make sure that noone that could possibly be working at Nemo’s was following us.

right behind us, a homeless man was walking. he said “don’t worry about me, carry on with your conversation.”

i turned back around, tried to find my bearings again in the conversation. he asked what we were talking about, and i told him “Captain Nemo’s”. the light before us turned red.

as we stopped at the corner, the homeless man continued walking across the street, saying

“hey, at least it’s a job. you’re going to be a husband someday, and you’ll have to have one. i mean, you could be free like me, but that doesn’t quite work out all the time.”

you’re right. thanks.

ben’s idea #512

writing the song “Emo No. 5”, and turning Lou Bega’s one-hit wonder from a theme song for a womanizer into a song about girls ripping my heart out. not that either of those situations are true…

actually, maybe that’s a really horrible idea…

oh, HELL no.

well… okay, maybe.

at this site, there’s an interesting theory…

Hell, what if it’s all just a video game and at the end we get to see two teens on a couch, one playing as Neo and the other as Trinity, removing their virtual reality helmets. Then one guy says to the other “Hey…I uhm, thought you were a chick.”

that’d be totally wachowski… you know it.

interesting things happen to me on the way to school, or work, or whatever.

i ride my bike. most of you know this. last friday, i decided to bike to the post office at madonna (believe me, this is all a part of a much bigger, deeper, and complicated-er story, but for the interests of retaining my sanity on this, the hottest freaking day of the year so far, i will keep my story to one particular happenstance).

so, i’m riding my bike, and this jerk in his car leans out the window right next to me as he drives past, and screams “move faster a**hole”.

that’s when i pulled out my samurai sword, jumped from my bike to the top of an incoming semi, and decided to wreak havoc on the 101 during rush hour.

once i caught the smug jerk (who didn’t look so smug after what i did to his car), i let him go. but not without first making him put on shoes that stuck tiny needles into the bottom of his feet as he walked, and placing a gidget on his nose that will aggravate his nose hairs forever (he couldn’t take it off because i also happened to give him one of those doggy cones, just large enough so he can’t scratch the eternity itch i gave him).

let that be a lesson to all of you. shame on you.

end this week. begin the weekend of the matrix.

over the next two or three days, supposedly dan and i are going up to san jose to watch our fill of the matrix… both movies, five of the animatrix episodes, and possibly beat the video game.

this is called a vacation. rockin’.

well, shucks.

west wing. yes. john goodman as the acting president? wow.

actually finding and downloading the animatrix episode “flight of the osiris”? hell yes.