a sunrise before eternity

here’s to the dreamers, the thinkers, the doers. because the ones who think they can change the world are the ones who are crazy enough to actually do it.

rebirth is a good thing. here’s to all the reborn, whatever you believe i mean.

Have you ever noticed how at one moment, the entire world is a blur… a frictionless world of stop signs, feet endlessly revolving around a vertical circle, and then silence. For three and a half seconds, the sun shines just right on a parking meter, a hand grabs yours, and the entire world dances in the middle of the town square, smiles all around, and the circle becomes horizontal. With half a second left, everyone, in a well-rehearsed choreography, looks in tandem at their wristwatches, and the circle becomes vertical again.

I shed a silent tear for all who forget three and a half seconds.

– – – taken from an email i composed today to an old friend – – –

here’s the last question from my CHEM 111 midterm that i took last friday, and my answer:

If you were an element, which element would you be, and why?
Actually, I’d be a compound… the compound CAr (because I need one). Or Be3N2… cause that’s who I am.

well, today’s been quite a day on the computer front. and that means, it’s not been quite a day on the bowling front (argh.). not that i’m bitter, cause any chance to hang out with people is a chance i must take.

above is a logo i created for my grc 201 lab, the one i rave about. ain’t it shiny? seeing as it’s my first contact with adobe illustrator, i think i did pretty good.

you’ll notice some new art at the top of my blog, in the random frame… if you don’t see it yet, you probably will when you reload it. and if you didn’t look at my artwork page in the past week, then you don’t know that i’ve released a new collection of art…

lastly, i’d like to congratulate matt on his retirement from being microsoft’s hoar. that’s right, our good friend has installed mandrake linux 9.1b! and last i heard, he loves it! maybe he’ll post about it soon…

anyhow, yeah. not too creative of a post, but that’s what’s going on. keep it real. ciao ciao.

this guy is most amazing earthling ever. most amazing. earthling. yep.

this guy, this earther, he is a singer, and i bet you’d never guess it from the photo. he plays Vic Fontaine on Star Trek DS9, and he’s one of my favorite regulars…

guess who i saw on the 1961 movie Gidget Goes Hawaiian? the same guy!!!! AAAAHHHH!!!!

James Darren, I love you!!!!

this is what today feels like

every one of my classes have been let out early today, for one reason or another. that’s a great feeling. and the fact that i only stayed in my plastics lab far longer than i needed to was only because i wanted to be there.

but that’s not the only reason for rejoicing.

earlier today, i had the opportunity to have lunch with matt and joseph and joe asked me if i could burn him a copy of movement in still life when i had to remind him that i had lost it, along with $80 worth of cds in a new $30 cd case about two months ago… i hadn’t given thought to my loss lately, and had recently been steadily downloading the music that had been ripped out of my soul.

so, during work, i take a hike to reprographics, the on-campus printing company, so that i may pick up an order for my boss. since it would take about five minutes to get the order ready, i decide to take the liberty to check on the status of my cd case at the lost and found next door.


a thousand trumpets began playing a fanfare for me at that moment. i strolled outside and the clouds had parted for a lone ray of sun to shine on me. i had reunited with my precious, and a sense of order had been restored to my universe.

so, at work, barbara (my boss) gives me a nickel for my time, because i helped her type this memo, and i’ve decided i’m going to keep it as my lucky nickel.

my lucky nickel… imagine that.

no words, no talk, let’s go dreaming.

hard to believe it’s only wednesday.

every day, i wake up and see the clouds cover the mountainside like a coat over a plush chair, and although it’s cold outside, it’s warm inside. funny how being up at six makes a difference on how the day evolves.

i swear that there’s a sleeping potion injected into the ventilation shaft of my poli sci class right before i get in. it doesn’t matter how much coffee i drink during class, i always nod off. i really wish it wouldn’t happen. maybe it’s just cause kranzdorf is a crackjob. yeah, that’s it.

i live for my eight a.m. fridays. that’s when i shrug off my ordinary world, and wear the future for three hours. grc 201 has the best lab i’ve ever taken, and i’d have it five days a week if i could.

nothing, and i mean nothing ever beats a glass of water and a bowl of salad with a good friend.

Stupid day was first celebrated on January 21, 2000, and is celebrated on January 21st of every year thereafter.

Stupid Day is a special day during which stupidity is remembered, cherished, practiced, and celebrated. On Stupid Day, no matter where you are or who you’re with, you can celebrate Stupid Day in many fun and meaningful ways. Do stupid things. Ask stupid questions. Even if you’re not stupid, and stupidity does not come naturally to you, you can pretend to be stupid: the exercise will be a valuable experience, expanding your horizons and helping you identify with idiots around the globe. So it would be wise to mark every day except January 21st “Not Stupid Day.” Because that would be stupid.