i wish i could sum up the last year and three months in just a few words but i can’t.

tonight will most likely mark the last night that i sleep at the first place i’ve had since moving out of san diego. tomorrow, everything changes.

new year. new major. new house. new ways to do things (such as shop for groceries… just walk down the street instead of riding my bike two miles with an empty backpack).

it’s been raining the past two days. i tried not to notice it as i was hanging out of my second story bedroom window, cleaning them for the first time in a year and three months. they weren’t too bad, surprisingly. the fear that i would fall to my death the day before i move was more exhilirating than anything. and i took a moment to survey the grounds where the mansion stands from that viewpoint. the way the trees bent away from the wind and rain, as if shying away from the gaze of an admirer…

new year. new major. new house.

[sigh] i think i just got three years older in a day. and that’s not really a bad thing.

my wish

all i want for christmas is you. (white rose in december optional)

there’s something magical about today. maybe it’s the Back to the Future dvd marathon that we’re right smack in the middle of right now. yeah, maybe that’s it.

there’s nothing like Doc Brown to bring the family together.

merry christmas, all!

this december is turning into anything but.

i wish i could say there is snow on the ground. i wish i could say i’m sitting by a fireplace enjoying a cup of hot cocoa. i wish i could say i’m kissing under mistletoe tonight.

but i’m not… however this isn’t bothering me too much (except for the mistletoe part).

family from both los angeles and minneapolis came down to san diego for a couple of days. a bunch of lawless’ crammed into a couple hotel rooms, and it was a very heartening experience. my family situation hasn’t always been the most fortunate, but i can say i’m very proud of it, every single part of it. my life has been good.

it’s so interesting, how the sum of all your life will be much greater than it’s parts, when you look at it thoroughly. who are you? who am i? what are we? for the first time probably ever, i’m completely comfortable with the answers i come up with.

my little sister has had quite a day. her choir at her school performed on tv tonight, and also, tonight, she had a dance performance at church for the christmas eve service. she’s quite a little lady.

so, i head to bed with a mind full of joy. everywhere you are, whomever you’re with, i wish everyone the greatest of holiday blessings.

when you tell me tomorrow,
that is, the tomorrow that happens when you
and i
when we are smiling
the waves are shining bright along your fascination
and my hand is the silk screen crafting your hair around loving eyes
(every single fiber is intricately woven by God and admired by me)

when you tell me tomorrow
that every dream i have had forever
has come true

i will smile, shake my head, and say
“it was all in you”

Course Grade

Term GPA: 3.000

i laugh, and i laugh, and i laugh.

900 N Oak Park Blvd
Arroyo Grande, CA.
6:30 $6

sweet emo goodness, who wants to go with me? [-8

unfortunately, i missed Dieradiode’s show on December 12th that they had here in San Diego, with Noise Ratchet… they said the show sold out, and i believe them.